I enjoy traveling to locations that no one has ever been to. I typically travel to shrines and pray in hopes that one of the many spirits or gods give me good luck. In all honesty I wonder if my previous prayers were heard as I made it to Japan on my own and “so far” things are going quite well. On a “warm” (I say this loosely) day in January I wanted to find something new. I decided to make my way to this shrine as I heard it was the second best shrine in Kamakura

I can rest here forever

Hansobo Shrine is located within Kamakura, Japan. It is a location that requires you to take out those walking shoes as it is longer than you think it is. It is quite beautiful and due to the weather the reds of the leaves blended beautifully with the yellows. The place looked like it came straight out of a water color painting and I wondered if any art was on display in a museum near the area.

Those stairs were brutal

The first half of the site is easy and you can go into the various temples on the bottom to see what’s on display but as you continue on you will come to find a path upwards on top of a mountain. This will not be as easy as you think it is, and it is longer than you should expect. I will say that it is highly worth the money as along the way you will see various sites especially the tengu area

He looked at me I swear!

Going even further past the tengu area there is yet another walking path to lead towards the top of a mountain. Here you will basically be on top of the world. I haven’t been this high ever and I was amazed at seeing the sun almost set. I could have kept going as there is a separate path but the light was going dim so I made my way down.

Well the lighting was good

In all I would give Hansobo Shrine a 5 out of 5 for place you must go while traveling in Japan

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