Recently, a man by the name of Yoshiro Mori was fired from his position as the Tokyo Olympics Chief over remarks he made against women within the workplace. This has renewed talks regarding the imbalance of women in higher positions of authority in Japan. While Japan itself is a peaceful country and no laws prevent or bar women from higher positions, it would appear the ability for women to aquire and maintain those positions are harder.

The Dishonorable Yoshiro Mori

One woman who has held a position of authority is the govenor of Tokyo Yuriko Koike. Yuriko Koike won her re-election last year and at the time of writing this, has not expressed a desire to run for prime minister but I can see her becoming a favorite among the younger generations should she choose to do so. She also pushes for womens rights and reforms thus she may be able to bring about needed change

The Honorable Yuriko Koike

While I could go on and on regarding the ins and outs of the Japanese political system, why dont you tell me how you feel about Yuriko Koike becoming the prime minister of Japan? Would you support her if she ran? Why or why not? What do you feel about Yoshiro Mori? Please write in the comments below.

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