After dining at Breakers I wanted to go to somewhere of higher quality. I decided to go to a recommended place called Restaurant 604

Scenery: This is an open sport bar-ish place with an open view of the water. It had a local Hawaiian style atmosphere. It wasn’t the most stylish place around but it had a homely type of feel to it thats more aligned with a mom and pop store you’d go to after work.

Food: Here is the good part. The food was the best food I ever had hands down. For the appetizer (suprise) we had coconut shrimp, I had a hamburger and fries for the main meal while my wife had fish. Both the fish and burger were cooked medium and were perfect. The coconut shrimp was above average in quality and I could tell that they believe in quality over quantity of food sold.

Final Thoughts: Restaurant 604 is the most recommended place I can recommend to you. While the internal scenery was nothing special or out of the ordinary the dedication to service and quality of the meal makes me give it 5 out of 5.

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