This is a difficult question to answer. On one hand Japan’s economy has been declining even prior to the pandemic and on the other it would appear that Japan’s response to the pandemic hasn’t been the best. I was a bit disappointed at how the whole “Goto Campaign” was implemented which resulted in a spike in cases and I can only imagine that a similar result will happen during the Olympics. What exactly can be done to ensure cases do not spike in Japan?

OPTION 1: Prevent foreigners from coming to Japan. I am on the fence with this one as no two people are the same and covid-19 is not prejudice. The economical benefits for having individuals from other countries may or may not outweigh the risks (depending on who you ask). The Olympics draws people from all over and is a time to boost the economy even in a short period of time. Should this be implemented however the government cannot recoup the investment it made in order to maintain the facilities and workers for the Olympics.

Option 2: Host the Olympics without any restrictions. Should the government of Japan state that they will not have any restrictions cases will spike regardless of how well Japan puts in safety measures. I can tell you after speaking with business owners that covid has decimated their overall sales. This in turn made the businesses in America lay off individuals. Some companies with hundreds of workers had outbreaks leading to shutdowns even without government intervention. With this knowledge I cannot state I entirely agree with option 2 but I am unsure what restrictions would be needed to boost the economy.

Option 3: Restrict the Olympics to Olympians Only. This would mean that viewing of the Olympics from even Japanese people in physical form would be limited or cancelled. I do not agree with this as the people who would not be directly at the stadium or events would be out and about in the city thus spreading covid regardless. At least individuals who go to the events can be screen prior thus limiting any spike in cases.

Option 4: Delay the Olympics. I do study about the Japanese economy and hope that it will become better over time but I am unsure how much economical damage that will happen should the Olympics be delayed any further. As I have stated above the government has many buildings which are and workers who they have hired. Should the Olympics be delayed another year how will the government pay for it? The next issue is that if the Olympics is delayed another year is that fair to the next country to host their Olympics?

Option 4 Innovate and Take from the Methods Above. I think the best method is combining some of the aspects of the options above as well as coming with innovative ways of watching the Olympics that increases the overall economy of Japan. I am unsure of what this could detail but I am guessing ideas such discounts on Rakuten for Olympic goods? Its just an idea and I am always thinking of more.

Final Thoughts: These are just my ideas and thoughts. I thank you for reading!

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