I havent been able to do as many blogs as I have wanted to lately due to the pandemic. I typically scout out new places prior to actually sitting down and eating to verify whether or not the amount of individuals within the place does not exceed a certain amount. On a nice weekend I decided to hop over to the north shore area of the island and grab a bite to eat at a place called BREAKERS which I will go more into detail below

Atmosphere: First, let me state that you should avoid the windows. I seen flies and spiders crawling all over and almost decided to leave. My wife and I had already made the long trip there and ordered our food so we decied stay. Had this been a bit closer to our home I may have left early due to it being unclean. My best advice is to get a seat outside if you can. The whole vibe of the place seems similar to a sports bar so expectations should not be too high.

Food: Four our appetizer we had coconut shrimp. I snagged a burger and fries for my main meal and my wife had fish and rice. I will be honest that the burger was average at best. My wife’s fish tasted better than my whole meal and I thought I should have ordered extra shrimp as the main meal.

Average Burger
Slighty Above Avergage Fish
Excellent Coconut Shrimp

Final Score: I would give BREAKERS a 3 out of 5 and would only go back if I were in the company of friends

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