Disclaimer: The information I am about to present is part opinion as well as information from doctors and nurses who I am aquainted with and family members working to save lives as we speak. This information is neutral neither taking any political side but it does give an idea of the possibilities and consequences should Covid continue to become an issue.


Covid-19 is an illness that has been plaguing the world for almost a year. It is an illness that has been both exaggerated and been more or less described as being no less deadly than the flu. Social media has made it so that misinformation has been presented to the average listener bringing about a decent amount of controversey to the public and stress to all levels of political figures. Covid can kill but death to the average person is a low figure. I think the real danger lies in other ways:

Covid Can Kill Regular Jobs

Recently, Hawaii has now passed the triple digit mark for cases in the state. I can imagine that upper level management has been scrambling to find alternatives to maintain their profit and that could mean cutting jobs at the lower levels. I have found that supermarkets have been replacing cashiers with automated check out machines and hiring part time “watchers for a lack of a better word” to oversee the transactions. This will make it increasingly harder for people to get into entry level positions and maintain income without having some sort of certifications or skills that are profitable to big chains. Smaller local brands may be unable to stay competitive and may be forced to close down. I also forecast that many store that were once brick and mortar may start offering more services online at a cheaper price in order to compete with Amazon.

Covid Can Kill Essential Jobs

Essential jobs beyond those in health care or civil service may find that infection will lead to a two week quarantine. Depending on your circumstances this could be paid or unpaid. You will more than likely have to use paid time off for those two weeks which is great if your symptoms are not that bad. You will lose vacation time off but you will still have a job to come back to. The problem comes from being reinfected which is still a high probability. Due to Hawaii having one of the nations highest cost of living, this may pose a financial liability to you and your family. Eventually, if the cases are too prevalent operations could shut down further hampering your abiity beyond unemployment to secure adequate funding for your lifestyle.

Covid Can Kill Infrastructure

Further, essential projects in infrastructure may be delayed duebto this illness. Things need to be built and repaired. If a couple people get covid and this require quaratine for those individuals, the management has to decide whether to hire someone else to fill in for those who got sick (going over budget) or to increase the workload of the workers that are in good health. The rail road in Hawaii, which has a target of becoming fully operational in a few years comes to mind. I am sure that the team has put in certain securities to ensure the health of workers but human error or unintentional occurenences may still happen.

Covid Can Kill Government Jobs

EMT, Police Officers, Fire Fighters and other jobs in civil service are at risk to catching this illness. Most of these men and women whose job it is to protect the average joe are at risk. Without them anarchy would be prevalent and deaths related and unrealted to covid would have a higher frequency. Beyond frontline individuals, government offices with their administrative staff will be unable to do their jobs. Hawaii has a robust system of buses that many people use. Can all of these staff members even get to work if the bus drivers are sick as well?

Covid Can Kill Birthrates

Babies are expensive. If we cannot feed them we most likely wont have any. Jobs are not going to come back rapidly just because we open up the economy. Im not speaking poorly on any business but its main job is to ensure its survival and to make profit. The profits that were elimated due to this pandemic may not be recoouped for awhile. Which means decisions by upper management will be made in order to prevent further loss and lessen financial burden on the company. This could mean hiring freezes and stagnation of wages. This in turn would mean there will be a lack of ways to fund raising a child. Further, many daycare facilities will be shutdown making it difficult for both parents to work. I usually think of Japan,with its declining birth rates already, I predict an even sharper decline of the local Japanese population and an influx of foreign residents in the future.

Covid Harms National and International Security

A Marine Corps Base in Okinawa was highlighted not too long ago as having an outbreak of covid. These men and women in uniform will not be able to continue to get essential training that is needed to make them proficient at their job and continue on with their mission thus decreasing the United States readiness in the Pacific as well as decreasing our overall posture. Should this happen across all bases near and far our abiliy to deter threats will be hampened. This could also happen at federal level offices such as the FBI and CIA headquarters if we are not too careful. I am sure however that after this however certain secutities were put in place to deter infection but still..

Final Thoughts

Again, this is partially my opinion as well as some facts based on what I have seen and those I have talked to in the medical field. I hope you stay safe out there and keep you mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and financial health in peak condition. I know some people out there may not take Covid seriously but I’ve talked to medical professionals in and out of my family and they can attest to its seriousness. It may not lead to death but the likelyhood you end up in the hospital is way higher. I myself do not even want a cold, I definetly do not want covid..

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