I will tell you that I am not a huge fan of fried foods. If I ever decide to eat deep fried foods that will probably be my only meal for the day. After the terrible experience I had at the previous location that I went I thought I would try a more reputable place. As I have never actually went to Bubba Gump Shrimp but have seen Forest Gump I thought I give it a go and a turn from red meat to seafood for this weeks outing.

Scenery: Bubba Gump Shrimp is located on the top floor of the Ala Moana Mall. If it is your first time to Oahu I do not blame you for not knowing about the “other” dining location besides Makai Market. The upper area is more of a sit in dining area rather than a fast food eatery. As it is directly located in the mall I wouldn’t expect a grandiose view but it has a homely feel to it that is hard to explain. Before you enter I suggest checking out the gift shop prior to eating as the food is relatively unhealthy and you won’t want to go in there after getting “itis.” I believe they also have a small bar as well but its nothing too special. Stories aren’t created after getting drunk on margaritas at Bubba Gumps.. Save your desire for alcohol when you hit Waikiki during the weekend.

Outside View
Inside View

Food: I decided to get “Forrest’s Seafood Feast” and my wife had the “Accidental Fish & Shrimp.” I haven’t had deep fried food of the quantity in a long time. I noticed as I bit into the fish my body reacted immediately with a S.O.S. It was delicious though to say the least but I definitely did not eat it all. It was not worth the high cholestrol. Instead I had a couple of shrimp, fries, and about two hush puppies before I needed to ask for a box. My wife’s meal on the other hand was pretty good, not healthy but better than mine. Instead of french fries it came with white rice. I suppose in comparison to to my meal it was like having Japanese Sake rather than Jack Daniels. Both aren’t exactly good for you at least your spirit is in good condition after ingesting it. One thing that I liked about Bubba Gump is that they use signs in order for you to get the waiters attention. Flipping the sign to red will tell your waiter to stop by your table and blue will tell them to “back away”

Left: Forrest Seafood Feast Right: Accidental Fish & Shrimp
Signs to get waiters attention

Final Thoughts: Though this article was a on the humorous side I think you should take it seriously and stop by Bubba Gump Shrimp. I do not believe that Bubba Gump Shrimp is a large franchise but it definitely is a quality one. If you aren’t as health conscious or you need to have a good bit of fried food to eat on a cheat day I suggest going to this location. This is also for those who love seafood but aren’t into the Pok’e as much as I am. I give Bubba Gump a 3 out of 5 for places you should visit on Oahu

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