I went to Tiki’s Bar and Grill. While I have been to this location around three times I have never truly thought to write a blog about it. It wasn’t because I did not want to but for the reason that the people who usually go here are friends and family who wish to eat and a more quiet place that does not have the vast amount of foot traffic that the usual eateries do. I usually become the individual that shows them around and I give my full attention to them rather than the food. This time I went with my wife and so I had the ability to “enjoy” the food and properly compare to the other offerings of the island.

Scenery: Tiki’s Bar and Grill is located on the second floor of the Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel. Once you go up the escalator and take a couple lefts you will easily see the open bar and dining area. You will know you are in the right place if you see a pool after you exit the escalator. The area itself is nice to look at, having a nice view of the beach but as it is next to a busy street you may also find that sounds of cars honking may drown out the sounds of the waves.

Go up this Escalator
Main Entrance

Food: For this review we tried two items. I got the “Half Poi Pounder Burger” while my wife indulged in their Poke Bowl. While the aesthetics of the burger were subperb this had to have been the most mediocre burger that I have tasted. The meat was nothing spectacular and perhaps I could have created a similar burger on my own. In fact while eating I thought of Teddy’s Bigger Burger down the street and how even their menu could have offered something more complete. The Poke Bowl also was lacking in quality. I felt it was slightly above a store bought poke bowl and the only thing making it stand out from those was the seasoning. This is not me trying to give a scathing review but to highlight criticism of food quality especially since this meal without drinks was $34 dollars. This means that as a customer that our money could be best spent on other areas.

Burger and Poke
Bar and Tables

Final Thoughts: Spend your money elsewhere trust me. There’s a Cheese Burger in Paradise down the street as well as a Teddy’s Bigger Burger close to this location that offer better quality. I wish I could give this location a better review but the scenery was the only thing that I could see as being worth my while. This will undoubtedly be my last time eating at this location. I will state that if you wish to drink more peacefully however this may be a location that you wish to travel to albeit it may be expensive. I give this location a 2 out of 5 stars for locations to travel to on Oahu.

At least the view is great