If you haven’t traveled to Ofuna I do not blame you. Not too much is situated with this small area. If you have a good eye however you might catch a glimpse of a large feminine statute located onto of a hill. The statue is large enough to even be seen from another city! If you so happen to be in Japan at the same time as me you might see me travel there.

Directions: To get to this location after getting off the train go to the west exit. You will eventually head down stairs and make your way to a street with the Lawson directly in front of a cross walk. Take a right after crossing the street, an immediate left and another immediate left and you will find a walking path after for that leads you to the statue. Once you make it up the path you will then need to make your way up some stairs before reaching the main entrance. The fee for entering the area when I went there was around 3 dollars so ensure you have cash on hand.

Walking Path
Main Entrance
View From Stairs

Scenery: Well the main attraction is the statue. You wont be able to see much from an outside perspective of the grounds but you will get a very grand view of Ofuna. I thought it was breathtaking to see everything from a higher perspective. As far as the statue is concerned you will be correct in your assertion that it is huge and fairly clean. All that was on my mind is who this was modeled after and how long has it been there. I was so busy enjoying the scenery that I didn’t look at the brochure that they offered. If you take a peek around one of the sides you will find a small entrance. You will be able to go inside the statue itself which was a nice treat. I went inside and was taken back by the amount of small wooden sculptures inside. I snapped a quick picture before departing the area

Ofuna Kannon
Wooden Buddha Sculptures

Final Thoughts: Ofuna Kannon is a unique place. Are you able to name another place where there lies several smaller sculptures within a large divine statue? Ofuna Kannon is so unique in design that I believe it deserves more recognition. It would have been way easier to create a small home and simply put a smaller figure inside yet it was designed to overwatch the people in the area similar to a guardian. If you marvel at architetural design as much as the serenity of easten religion then I can easily suggest this place.

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