Introduction: A while back we stopped and traveled to both Hilo and Kona. We needed a break from the hustle and bustle which is Oahu. If we are going to go anywhere we ensure that the first stop is to a temple. We pray for our good health and show our appreciation that we made it safely. My mother in law stated that she when she travels to certain locations. It just so happened that we were going to pass a location called the Hilo Daijingu.

Temple: I know most people like to go to the more aesthetically pleasing temples but honestly I like the quiet serenity of this one. I do not like it when a temple focuses more on the touristic aspect even though I understand why it would need to sometimes. Maybe I should state that this temple has a more traditional feeling to it. The wind chimes gave me chills but it did feel a bit lonely at some points. On the outside of the temple you can see the large “cement” gate which I though was odd, a long walkway to the temple and a small fox shrine. Inside of the temple appeared to be more modern than the outside. What stood out to me in this shrine in the mirror that sat at the far end of the temple. Though I am unversed in the reasoning for the mirror I felt a calming albeit nervous feeling while looking into it. If you are coming by car do not worry about parking as the area has plenty of parking spaces.

Final Thoughts: This temple needs some love. I am sure I will go back to this temple someday. I had an amazing time on the Big Island of Hawaii. Next time that I travel to this island I will undoubtedly go to more temples. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to stop everywhere I wanted to go but I suppose that same issue will occur anywhere. If you choose to go I suggest traveling here. I know many other spots might be by the beach or having a grand view but that is not the reason we pray right? I would suggest Hilo Daijingu as a place to visit if you are of the religious type.


View of the Entrance
Small Shrine
Sacred Area
Entrance of the Temple
Look into the Mirror