Nestled away in the Japanese dining and drinking area of Shirokiya lies a quaint little coffee shop called Kazan Cafe. I am not entirely sure whether I should categorize this cafe as entirely “Japanese” but as it lies in the hub of Japanese centered facilities and as such I will thus classify it to be so.

Scenery: It is quite easy to miss this place. I love Shirokiya for the vast amount of places you can dine and eat at. You are bascially given a buffet of choices but due to this its becomes easy to find one place and continuously come back rather than spread out and enjoy others. I usually do not give into temptation and I will strive to try something different everytime I step inside. Thankfully during this adventure I was in need of some mid afternoon coffee and walked past this shop. Kazan Coffee is your typical small time coffee shop. Nothing to extravagant really stood out to me. It does what it can with the limited space it has. The staff are nice of course and the area is clean.

Food: For this review I decided to try the coffee of course and decided to have something sweet with it. I looked around to see if anything was on display but all I could find were some discounted items such as brownies. I decided “meh” what the heck why not try it. The coffee was normal americano, definitely better than anything Mcdonalds serves but it wasn’t too amazing. I have a Mr. Coffee maker and I could make something of similar quality. The brownie was pretty good, definitely felt like a need to workout afterwards though as I’m sure its just jammed packed with all the nutritious sugar for a weeks serving. Seriously though they did a good job with the brownie wasnt quite sure about anything else I may go there another day but for now I am still traveling around the island looking for new locations.

Final Thoughts: I do think if you want to support Japanese culture on Oahu you should travel to this location and have a cup of joe. I would not expect anything special but it still serves as a good place for those who enjoy meeting up and listening to some Japanese music while getting a caffeine buzz. I would rate Kazan Cafe 3 out of 5 for places to go on the island


Kazan Cafe
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