I haven’t been making blogs consistently I know. I had so many things happen in the past couple of months and I just got caught up in all of the events. Forgive me? I am making this blog primarily to tell you about a hidden gem here on Oahu. I am glad not too many people know about this place as its tucked away from sight but I do want this place to have more business so I thought I’d tell you about it

Scenery: Bakery & Table is 90 percent a Japanese style bakery. The last ten percent is primarily that relaxing Starbucks coffee shop like feel you’d expect. Unexpectedly I didn’t get that Aloha Hawaiian feel to this place. When I went inside the primary customers were of the Asian ethnicity (not that theres anything wrong with this of course). The bakery looks a bit futuristic, maybe a bit too much. I half-way expected my server to be either C-3PO or R2-D2 and then they hand me a holographic menu. In the middle of the Bakery is a glass case full of assorted sweets and foods. If you look at the far end near the cash register you will find a couple more cakes and maybe some pudding. The area has plenty of seats so I would not worry too much about finding one and I believe they have a second floor to sit down at.

Food: For this review I didn’t know exactly what to choose so I chose the safest options with two items being sweet and two being salty (I will post the items below). The front most food is a bun with a Japanese sausage in the middle. The item on the center left was a hot dog wrapped in a crunchy bun. The far left food item was a pudding bread. Finally, the item on the right was a bun with a chocolate center. Also not in view is a coffee that I drank. I am going to write this now… This place is hands down the best Japanese bakery on the island. Also the coffee that I had was 100 percent Hawaiian and hands down my favorite so far. I drink coffee all over the island and that Americano made me feel blissful. The pudding bread to me was not that great but the other items were delicious and I would go again.

Final thoughts: Bakery & Table for the win! If you are wanting a Japanese style bakery experience I would list this as the premier place to go on Oahu. Even if you aren’t interested in the culture I would say go for the food. Do not let the “different” style of food dissuade you from entering this place. It is definitely a place you must go. I give Bakery & Table 5 out of 5 for must go places on the island.


Inside View
Cakes and Pudding