Family had come to the island a few weeks back. One of the places that that they wanted to travel to was Bishop Museum. I think this area is a necessity for all those coming onto the island. The main reason being is that while we all want to enjoy in the festivities on the island, to truly understand the culture we must see the relics of the past and learn the history of the people to see why things are the way they are.


I haven’t seen many museums that aren’t clean. I mean what museum doesn’t want to preserve the buildings and relics? When I went to this museum however I felt bad even stepping on the floor. Bishop Museum has several floors each with a distinct culture on them and if you read and look closely you will see how the various other cultures are connected to the development of Hawaiian society. If you are wheel chair bound do not worry as there are elevators to bring you up. You may see that two versions of a floor exist and that is just for the display of the back room relics and history versus the main show room relics.. A final word of caution when looking at the relics some of them will display nudity and if you don’t wish for your young ones to view this sight I would not suggest bringing them to the museum. In the main showroom you will notice many hanging animal life. These creatures are indeed life like and I have seen them all. I was fascinated with the sight of a whole whale hung on display.


As stated above I think if we come somewhere as a guest we should learn about the culture there. Hawaii is a place where I definitely think the culture should be preserved and knowledge passed down to others so they can marvel at it. It is amazing to peek back at what others lived like. As I type at my computer I wonder at this same time what would a person of my age at that time period would be doing at this moment? It will take further study to answer this question. Perhaps after traveling to this destination more questions will pop into your head and I am sure they can be easily answered by a bit of research or by asking the staff. I give Bishop Museum a 5 out of 5 and a must travel to destination while on the island.