What can I not say about Goofy Cafe? I’d say that this dining place will one day be more popular throughout the states if given enough time. The owner was acquainted with my mother in law who happens to be an artist and we were allowed to indulge in the cuisine .


Goofy Cafe is small but it has two floors. It is possible that I should call it one and a half floors as the first floor is smaller than the upper one. The size doesn’t matter but the hardwood makes it feel quaint but attractive. The first floor will have one long table in which you can sit and the second floor has several smaller tables. The amenity of the second floor is that you will be able to sit near a window and see the outside. AC will not be present in this location so I might suggest that you should visit either in the earlier morning hours or later in the evening when the sun is not overhead. One major tip before traveling to this location is that the sign in list has been long every time I have visited. I would sign in and then travel around, not far from the location and then come back in about fifteen minutes or so depending on how far down you are on the list. Believe it or not but a restroom is fairly close to the location and if you need to use the bathroom just ask to use the key which is close to the entrance of the restaurant.


We indulged in several items. The amazing thing about these smaller places is that in order to compete with larger chains the quality of the food must be higher or stand out from the competition. I will say that the restaurant spared no expense in making quality food. From the desserts to the main courses I was taken aback by the flavor. I even ate the head of a shrimp (something I usually wouldn’t) and enjoyed the meal. As we ate many items I cannot state which items tasted better than the other. I can say state that Goofy Cafe has something for everyone and if you do not like sea food they have plenty of other options. I will display the cuisine below.


Goofy Cafe is a must go to destination. If you need a place like none other on the island I believe Goofy Cafe provides you with quality of delicacies at a reasonable “island price.” For this review I give Goofy Cafe a 5 out of 5 and a must go to destination while on the island


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