Last weekend, while traveling around I found out that a new coffee location had popped up in Hawaii. I wanted to give the coffee a shot as I am heavily addicted to caffeine. To my surprise it seemed this a a good location to grab a cup of joe after walking around near the Kapiolani Park area.


Kai Coffee is an open door coffee shop meaning that you shouldn’t expect air conditioning. This shouldn’t be too much of a problem as I rarely ever felt hot as a cool breeze always came through. Its not exactly cramped inside however the “hallways” were narrow. Due to the wood type inside of the coffee shop it felt unnaturally dark. It’s not too eerie but its not the brightly lit room that I’d expect from a tropical paradise. You can easily find seats as I have yet to see the area packed full of people. This can be attributed possibly due to it being fairly new.


The coffee is..Well roasted and strong. Once I tasted it, it tasted like ground coffee beans in my mouth. I try to stay positive and unbias towards my reviews and if you do not like the taste of strong coffee I cannot recommend this area. Even after using a decent amount of half and half the coffee had a strong flavor. I liked it but my wife on the other hand could not handle the it. I am unsure as to why during this review it was that way but that is just my two cents.


Kai Coffee Hawaii is a decent place to get a cup of coffee but may not be for everyone. I enjoyed my cup of coffee but this is for those who are used to the every day fix of coffee. You will enjoy how close it is to the beach but maybe you are looking for somewhere that is closed off from the hustle, bustle and noise of the tourists of the area. For this review I give Kai Coffee Hawaii a 3 out of 5.


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