Part 1: Beginning

I haven’t made a blog in regard to Japanese style food on Oahu in awhile. I decided that it was long over due and went to Shichimusubi. This place is located within the Waikiki Yokocho area. I would not call this place a restaurant. This place is more in line with a specialty food/snack shop. As the main focus of the shop was onigiri I decided to order one of them. I also decided to order the miso soup to see if the food outside of their onigiri, would be of high quality. After ordering my food I traveled to the right side of the shop to find small two seater locations in order to eat my food.

Part 2: Review

The onigiri was amazing. I have eaten onigiri at convenience stores and I was amazed that it might have been the best one I have ever tasted. It might however be that I prefer onigiri prepared freshly and my comparison comes from ABC stores throughout Hawaii. Unfortunately, the onigiri itself was several times smaller than even those placed in Japan. I am sure this was a business decision to save money on rice and it was disappointing one. On the other hand the owner did attempt to have all of his products wrapped stylistically meaning he saved no expense on the allure of his product. The miso soup however, did not have the same quality in taste and production as the onigiri. To me the miso was bland and offered little to no value except making it easier to wash down the onigiri. I will post pictures of the items below


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