While in Japan I decided to walk from city to city. I walked from Ofuna to Kita-Kamakura which took awhile to get to. I happened to stumble upon a temple location while there. I traveled up the stairs and inside. I was surprised at how large the temple was. I was more surprised at the lack of people inside of the location. Perhaps after awhile of living in Japan the amazement of temple travel seems to die out. I on the other hand felt like a kid in the candy shop exploring around. To me the place was ancient history living on in modern times. I could not find any pamphlets to speak of in regard to the age of the building and would in my head imagine the era in which the building was created and whom worked here. I had a similar feeling as times when I see trees that are almost as tall as buildings and can only guess the age of it. After briefly walking around and snapping a couple pictures I gave my final prayers and offerings before departing the area. I have attached a few pictures below that you can enjoy


Stairs before entering temple
Main area
Shrine (1)
Shrine (2)
Careful where you step