Hideout Coffee isn’t a place that I typically go to. It is one of those hidden gems that is tucked away from view. My wife had dragged me over to the location after hearing about it from friends. I decided to glance on over there and write a review.


Hideout Coffee is located at 2299 Kuhio Ave, Honolulu Hawaii 96815. The description of the bar matched my view of what it is. A stylish bar and lounge that features a rooftop location. It is pretty cool how this location blends a five star feel with its appropriately priced menu (Hawaii Prices). I would have thought it would be a Hawaiian feeling Starbucks prior to stepping into the location. Unfortunately due to this location being tucked away I felt as though it did not get as much attention and business as it should. On the weekend (Sunday) when we went, we saw few customers. This may be to your benefit however if you enjoy blogging like I do as there are plenty of seats available.


For this review I chose to do something different in that I always choose normal coffee but I wanted to show a different style of drink. I chose the matcha ice tea. I will post the picture of this drink below. I chose this drink admittedly for two reasons. The first is matcha is Japanese and I hope the reader will enjoy that even a small piece of a Japanese style flavor to broaden their horizons. Lastly, I had already drunk two cups of coffee that day and I could feel the caffeine working through my body. One more cup and I would be able to fly (LOL). You will be able to choose from a variety of normal drinks. As this is a drink menu I will post it down below.


Admittedly I did not try the coffee there. I usually go to a coffee shops for inspiration rather than the coffee. I do sometime enjoy a drink on the weekend however. For Hawaii this drink is reasonably priced. If you are at a hotel in Waikiki then this is a great and close location that you will be able to walk to and relax. Try something new here. You can always get coffee no matter where you go. Though if you haven’t tried a cold brew from Hawaii well I can tell you that no place on Hawaii that I have tried has a bad tasting coffee so far. You cannot go wrong with an Americano.


Due to the wonderful scenery, great tasting tea, relaxing atmosphere, and open environment I give Hideout Coffee a 5 out of 5 for places you must go to if you like coffee

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