I have been to this area around four times now with my wife. We come to this location when we just want to relax but not hike and think of our next moves while partaking in something more physical (not sure if this makes sense). I will not really call this a hiking destination more of a walking/travel destination. I will explain the reasoning behind this below


The area is a mix between a beach and a small hiking path. It most of this location sits on top of rock which overlooks the ocean. You can get wet as the water will strike the side of the rock wall and splash you. Between the rocks you find small water pools created from constant splashing. Inside of these pools you will find numerous small sea creatures swimming around. Approach the small pools quietly however as I believe the sea life can sense vibrations from you stepping and may swim away fairly quickly if you approach without caution. You may also find black crabs crawling around the area. Some can be as tiny as your thumb but I have found some way larger. Beyond the “rock beach” you will find a standard beach farther down and a view of other islands in the ocean


It can get very hot on that side of the island so before you even make your journey I would bring some sun block. I doubt you will fall over the rock wall but should you, there are rocks below in the ocean. If you are driving there you will be able to park you car near the location. Some people park closer to the regular beach however it is usually crowded. If you are going to stay there for awhile bring running shoes as if your flip flops get wet its going to be easy to slip and fall. After you are done with the tide pools the “Sea Life Park” is located directly across the street.

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Small Trail
View of Rock Wall
Small Sea Life Pool
Larger Pool