My wife and I always go hiking every weekend. Before we stopped by the zoo from my previous post we decided to make our way to Judd Trail. I wouldn’t say Judd Trail is an advanced trail but it is definitely possible to stray from the designated path. It is a fun nature hike that you should be prepared for should you go.


Judd Trail, as previously stated, is a nature hike. This means you will find nothing except well…nature. I enjoy the calmness and serenity of the natural view. Other hikes will give you a grander view of society from up high. I enjoy a hike every now and again that keeps me grounded. You will find that the branching paths are littered with branches(LOL). It may become difficult to walk at times so running and hiking shoes are a must. I found some berries on the pathways and are unsure if they are edible but regardless I would not eat them even if they are. I am sure there are boars in the forest somewhere but I have yet to find any. I would not suggest going on this hike if it rains as this hike is not paved and your shoes will get muddy. Lastly you may cross the river at some points so I would bring a change of socks and shoes.


You can stray from the path and get lost. That isn’t to say you wont be able to find a way back however, it just means that you might have a tough time getting back if you aren’t a physical person. If you aren’t paying attention to the signs you may very well end up off the intended path. If you take out your phone and plug in Judd Trail on your gps you can see the trail outline and whether or not you are going the correct way. If you are lost the gps will help you find the main road. If you have no signal I suggest you listen to either the sounds of cars and continue down that path or go towards the sound of water and follow the river. It is fairly difficult to be completely lost in this forest however so I wouldn’t worry too much. My concern for those who take this path is slipping, falling and injuring themselves if they are not prepared.


I am fairly used to hiking and every time I go out I still bring a back pack full of stuff. In my back pack I bring a can of off spray, a medical kit, several bottles of water, small towels, a change of socks and shoes, a bottle of Motrin, extra phone battery an umbrella and a whole can of raid(LOL). Some may giggle at the can of raid but a whole horde of mosquitoes attacked use and that can of raid quickly dispelled them ever since then I bring it with me. I am always over prepared on a nature hike for worst case scenarios because if I break a leg its going to be fairly hard to get back and get rescued


In my honest opinion this hike is only for those who truly enjoy nature. Not too many people enjoy getting bit by bugs and seeig spiders. I on the other hand love the peacefulness of the greenery. I would definitely do it again. I believe that this is one of the premier nature hikes on Oahu and give it a 5 out of 5

Thanks for reading



Entrance of Judd Trail
Small River Crossing Before Beginning
Beginning of Trail (Watch For Signs)
Wild Berries