Yesterday we decided to take a short tour of Honolulu Zoo. Rather than go when it is fairly crowded in the day time we decided to pay extra and take a late afternoon tour. This was a great opportunity as we most animals at the zoo were nocturnal and would become more active in the later hours.


Honolulu Zoo has several animals on display and is larger than it appears to be from the outside. I was overjoyed to see tigers, lions, hippos, elephants, zebras, and even hyenas. The animals were fairly calm thankfully. Other zoos that I have been to have had animals that had their wild nature still in tact and would attack the glass to get a little human snack. As it is currently May I was disappointed in the fact that I kept having to step on the plant life on the paved roads. If it were a tad bit cleaner I would not have had to pick off nature from my shoes every 20 steps. This is also compounded with the fact that peacocks were roamaing free throughout the place and their droppings would litter the roads


Me and my wife are residents of Hawaii so the fee for the tour was only 15 dollars per person thankfully. We drove to the Honolulu Zoo location and found a parking spot within the zoos parking lot. When driving to the location please remember that the parking isnt free and that after parking you will need to find the parking pass machine to get your parking pass and place the pass on the dash of your car. If you do not do this your car will be towed. The starting location for the zoo is gate 3. It is located to the left of the main zoo entrance at the far end. The tour began for us at 05:30 pm. The time may change depending on the season. Ensure that you make your way there early as it may be fairly hard to get parking in Honolulu Zoo’s parking lot. During our tour we were given two tour guides who had small microphones who told us facts about each animals and warned us that if we strayed from the group we would be escorted off the premises. I think believe it was fairly fun to learn more about the animals. After the tour the guides will take you back to a building and offer refreshments and animals crackers before escorting you out of the zoo.


Honolulu Zoo is a great location for individuals who live here and those who have kids. I do not think I would recommend the tour to tourists who are honeymooners as the tour costs more if you do not live on the island. The twilight tour was an great time to spend an evening and I would give it a 3 out of 5 stars

Thanks for reading