Everyone needs to unwind every now and again. I tend to stay towards Waikiki to get my taste of Japanese style alcoholic drinks. Every now and again I decide to indulge myself in Hawaiian culture and sip on what the local concotions have made their way to the bars. While enjoying a fine Saturday I decide to head to the International Market place with some friends who weren’t too versed in the Japanese style alcoholic drinks.


The International Market place is geared more towards to well..EVERYONE. It located at 2330 Kalakaua Ave in Waikiki. It basically like a mall but with a bit of Hawaiian and Asian feel to it primarily. I do not blame them however as well tourists want to indulge in Hawaiian culture and the cultures that mostly come to the island are from Asia. Plenty of stores are located on the multiple levels of “mall” if you find you way to the back however you will see a sort of food court. Inside multiple bars and restaurants are near each other. I happen to get myself a Tiki Drink. I will post the picture below. I have to say it was fairly strong and lightly sweet. Do not let the picture fool you, if you are not used to drinking then 3 of these things are going to make you feel a bit loopy with a mild case of hangover in the morning.

2: Review

I would suggest this area for anyone who is looking for a decent mixture of all cultures from around the world without it feeling to local. Different tastes I suppose but I enjoy the local bars. This place will ease you into the culture and buzz around the area while giving you access to a multitude of choices without the peanut gallery of the drunkards at the dance clubs.

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Tiki Drinks