If you wanted to know the Hawaiian version of IHOP it is always synonymous with Egg’s and Things. While IHOP in its own right is good or bad depending on how you judge it. I can state that the quality of food served in the various locations are above the norm. I havent had a waffle this fluffy and delicious in a long time. I usually reserve going to these locations when outing with family who come to the island. Egg’s and Things are a franchise that I can see expanding here and I wouldn’t be mad if they did


I usually pop into the resturant location that is behind the Ala Moana mall. I do this as I drive and the location located in Waikiki poses issues with parking. Also located adjacent to the resurant is a Nijiya Market making it fairly easy to get Japanese goods after chomping down on a waffle. The inside of the locations aren’t that special. Some picture may be hanging up and you can request a booth if you want to and wait times tend to be no more than 15 minutes before you get a seat. That isn’t to say that it wont be crowded. As you are in walking distance of a Japanese Super Market and one of the biggest malls on Oahu their are no shortage of customers.


For this review I decided to stick with a waffle and coffee. I had gotten a side order as well of their version of an acai bowl. The waffles at this place tend to come with whip cream or a sweet cream lathered on top. You wont really need to add syrup unless you really want to. The waffles are already delicious by themselves. I cannot really suggest which one you should get. I enjoy strawberries on mine but you may be different. The acai bowl was beautiful to look at but nothing too special. Grain, strawberries, banana and black berries assorted in a flowery shape. While the item itself is plain I enjoy the amazing look of the item and how much work they put into it.

3: Review

I would state that for anyone coming to the island the first thing they should do is try Egg’s and Things. It is one of those things that if you come to the island and never heard of it before, once you try it you will never forget it. If you lived by the code of IHOP you will now live by Egg’s and Things. I can’t name a better place to get breakfast on the island..Seriously and I have been to many places so far. I give Egg’s and Things 4 out of 5

Blueberry Waffle
Strawberry Waffle