Japanese Style Nightlife Oahu: Waikiki Yokocho

I usually do not drink unless it is on a special occasions. When I do choose to go out and grab a drink I decide on a couple of areas. During this specific time I decided to take my guests to a Japanese area called the Waikiki Yokocho. If you walk in Waikiki you will most likely miss it unless you are truly looking for Japanese style drinks and food. I always decide to get this green matcha alcoholic drink at the bar. I like this area because it never gets too crowded. If you head to any other bar in Hawaii you may find that they are lacking in the Japanese style drinks which is too be expected. I enjoy the calm atmosphere rather than the usual loud and obnoxious noise from many of the bar scenes in here. When I drink I like to converse with my guests so this place was a haven to me

My Drink
Guests Drinks

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