Everyone goes to Ala Moana mall on Oahu. If you haven’t gone I have to questions what you have been doing on the island. The mall is huge and wants to draw you attention with it’s variety of restaurants and stores. Should you decide to venture outside of the mall you will find a plethora of restaurants that you will be thankful should you step through their doors. Shokudo

1: Scenery

Shokudo surprised me as for a Japanese resturant that isnt Tanaka of Tokyo it is quite big. The aesthetic is between Japan and America. I am more likely to say it is 70 percent American and 30 percent Japanese. Maybe it’s just me who thinks this way however. The place is not usually too busy during the early hours of the day however at night it seems to get very busy. Once you are seated you will have plenty of room to sit down an stretch out your legs. I never felt too cramped when I went there. Outside of general seating I did not see much outside except the main road.


The food while delicious did not taste to me like it was Japanese. Do not get me wrong the flavor was different from what I usually have but I felt as though the owners wanted to attract customers from all over the world with a more western taste. I cannot state what type of customer would go here, perhaps someone looking to try something different from the usual. I can see regular sushi getting boring after awhile and having a blended taste opening up your horizons.


It was hard for me to decide what rating to give Shokudo. Due to the lack of scenery and a different taste in sea food. I gave it a 3 out of 5. Do not let this detract from your decision to go there however. It was quite an amazing place with friendly staff.