If you want to know the best place on the island to get sushi I am telling you that the place to go is Furusato Sushi. I have been to multiple places on the island and the sheer quality of the fish reminds me of Hokkaido as it was of similar quality. I have yet to find somewhere else that tops this location on the island of Oahu

1: Scenery

I must admit this place is small. It is even smaller than most shops in Japan. Do not allow this to dissuade you from going inside however. Like most restaurants in Japan it is clean..It is borderline spotless. It is a little cramped with the tables being closer than what I would usually like but great things come in small packages. You can see the counter where he sushi chefs are and watch them make your plate. I would have thought they would only have one or two chefs making sushi as the place was so small but the resturant spared no expense and hired multiple ones to work at the same time. When I went for the first time I saw four chefs cutting and creating sushi at the same time! The outside is nothing special unless you like the ocean, sunsets/sun rises, and the white sand beach (LOL)


For this time I have chosen to display two items. My wife’s meal was the Kilauea Sushi and my dish the Dragon Roll. The Kilauea is the safe choice as it has an assortment of different sea food on top of a rice ball (?). It was definitely an interesting shape to make the item. It stood out to us so we decided to try it and glad we did. The Dragon Roll was also a nice mix of tuna, crab and avocado. The flavor from the the sushi was amazing and I can see myself going back once again.


While I did enjoy thee quality of the food what I did not like about it was the size. The size of the sushi rolls felt small and lacking. The sushi was not too filling however I am sure that the chefs are using the best cuts of fish in order to make the sushi that delicious. I give Furusato Sushi a 4 out of 5

Kilauea Sushi
Dragon Roll