This morning before starting my day I decided to grab a bite to eat. My wife happens to know of a great place called Island Vintage Coffee. We had nothing to do today so we decided to stop by. I am glad I had the option to choose something healthy.


Island Vintage Coffee is located on the second floor of the Royal Hawaiian Center. We walked up there and sat down. The environment isn’t too bad. If you have seen one cafe of sorts then you have seen them all. It was packed full of people when we went. I can of course only think that if we went any later it would have been a nightmare to get through all the tourists. Outside is the sprawls of shops. As it is located at Kalakaua Ave you won’t be far from something to buy.


For this review we chose to get an Acai Bowl and the Breakfast Plate (Literally called this). We typically share our meals as it is better on our wallets and our pant size. The meals were perfect and healthy. I couldn’t ask for a better breakfast. I did not feel bloated and sickly like I usually do if I had ate a mcgriddle from McDonald’s..

3: Review

The meal was fantastic, the scenery is lacking but what can you expect when only given so much in Waikiki. The staff was friendly and pleasant and the area was clean. I give it a rating of 4 out of 5 and I cannot wait to go again.

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Breakfast Plate
Acai Bowl