Me and my wife wanted to grab a bite to eat. We decided to stop by a location called Pioneer Saloon in order to get our fill after climbing Diamond Head. We had a taste for seafood and decided to type in common sea food locations in the area. As this location was down the street we thought we would drop in, in order to see what the big deal was about. I can say that I was happy that we went in.


Pioneer Saloon is located at 3046 Monsarrat Ave, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96815. You basically down the street from Kapiolani Park. As the building location is on a busy street you will not find direct parking in front of it. I suggest parking your vehicle near Queen Kapi’olani Garden. It’s walking distance to Pioneer Saloon and when you are done you will be able to walk around and work off some calories at the mini garden. Pioneer Saloon itself is fairly small inside so I would not expect to get a seat in there and it is a little hot. It is otherwise clean and the staff is nice. It really has a mom and pop feel to it. Plenty of condiments are near the cashiers desk so take what you need. If you cannot get a seat I suggest you walk back to your car and eat inside of there. It will be cooler than inside of the restaurant and you can jam to some local music.


If you are new to the island I can suggest that you get the “Garlic Ahi Steak.” It is lightly seared fish and even if you do not like fish I will tell you that it tastes just like regular steak. It didn’t even have a fishy after taste. As a matter of fact if you do not go to this place I am telling you that you will regret your decision not to taste the delicacy. The place has other options but the Ahi is too good to pass up. You will also be given the option of having white or black rice (though its purple) and a side salad or noodle. For this blog I will post the two separate times we have been one where I decided like you probably will to just eat the regular steak and a side of Poke and then another time after taking a bite of my wife’s food and regretting that I did not get the Garlic Ahi.

Thanks for reading


Garlic Ahi (Left) Steak (Right)
Garlic Ahi (Both Delicious)