If you are traveling to Oahu especially if you are on your honeymoon you’ll need a great romantic location to go to. A place I took my wife to on our anniversary was the dinner cruise “Star of Honolulu.” It was a decent place to take your wife and family to at least once if your life..


The dinner cruise was a little bit cramped and I must admit I was a bit over dressed to go on this occasion. The sites were not so breath taking as I thought they would be. I suppose if it was at night the view would be alot better. Diamond Head was also far off into the distance and seemed smaller than it really is. The inside is clean however and the boat during my excursion did not rock back and fourth too much so no need to worry about becoming sea sick.

2: Amenities

The cruise will sever you lobster which is beyond delicious and you will have steak as well however it was too small to my liking. I will post pictures of the food down below. After you are served food you will get a luau which surely got my blood pumping once I saw it. The war cries and the “chee-hoo” gets me everytime. On my death bed I hope I am able to scream out like they do. The ride is fairly short but this isn’t a cruise adventure so it left time for us to hit the town running

3: Final Score

I give the Star of Honolulu a 4 out of 5 and it is definitely worth the money should you vacation here on Oahu

Lava Flow
View from outside